About Apha Ace

Maximizing Your Supply Chain Potential with Alpha Ace

Alpha Ace is a one stop destination for supply chain and storage solutions. Their strength is development and adaptation to the latest and market needs. We live up to our mission statement “Serve, Solve, Save”.

We have 40 years of combined experience in the field of  Warehouse, Third Party Logistics, Temporary Storage and Distribution. We are specialized in tailor made solutions to suit our customer needs. We are ready to operate anywhere in Southern Part of India.

We are also into Consultancy with respect to Warehouse setup, Warehouse Revamping and Process Development.

CEO Message

Welcome to the desk of L. Kenny Fernandez, CEO of Alpha Ace

Welcome to the desk of L. Kenny Fernandez, CEO of Alpha Ace. With over thirty years of experience in warehousing and logistics, I have dedicated my career to driving innovations and efficiencies across organisations.

My expertise is built on a foundation of diverse experiences across various organisations, where I have contributed and absorbed multifaceted aspects of warehouse management. My last notable stint at Amway marked me as the “SOP Man,” a testament to my knack for creating streamlined, efficient standard operating procedures that enhance operational workflows and productivity.
At Alpha Ace, we specialise in providing our clients with service, solutions, and cost-saving strategies. Our approach is deeply rooted in logical thinking and problem-solving, enabling us to craft solutions that address each client’s needs and challenges.

I am dedicated to innovation and adaptation. I believe that warehouse solutions should be effective, resilient, and flexible in the face of changing industry dynamics. My philosophy is centred around the “3Ts” of Safety, Utility, and Beauty. I ensure that warehousing solutions are practical, safe, and aesthetically pleasing to enhance the working environment for all stakeholders.

Alpha Ace delivers various services, from layout design to operational efficiency and safety protocols, providing cost-saving strategies and customised solutions to meet each client’s needs. Our holistic approach addresses every aspect of warehousing, ensuring that our clients can optimise their operations and achieve excellence in logistics and supply chain management.

I’m not just a CEO; I’m a visionary whose influence in warehousing and logistics continues to grow. My dedication to excellence, innovation, and service has benefited our clients and contributed to raising the standards within the industry.

Thank you for visiting the desk of L. Kenny Fernandez, CEO of Alpha Ace. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help optimise your warehousing operations.

Maximizing Your Supply Chain Potential with Alpha Ace

Our Mission

We live up to our mission statement “Serve, Solve, Save”.

Our Vision Statement

To be an organisation with the best service, clubbed with high standards, values and provide best solutions at minimal cost.

Our Values

“Principle, Partnership, Performance and Process”
Principle: To conduct the profession in accordance with ethical principles that govern the Business.
Partnership: To partner with every client and vendor to have long term relationship for achieving specific goals for mutual benefits resulting in win-win situations.
Performance: To consistently perform and set higher benchmarks by creating new trends in Business standards and performance.
Process: To follow best SOP (standard operating procedure) for each and every activity.